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The Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast

Jul 9, 2024

In this podcast episode, we dive into a Research Refresh done by Ane Lloyd. The idea that tissues may possess some sort of memory is a controversial topic in manual medicine, calling for research and clinical exploration. Ane talks about can memories be held in the fascia, and are these memories accessible during manual...

Jul 2, 2024

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life, and can have serious repercussions to a working environment or client relationships. Amy Newfield joins us to share advice on conflict resolution and how we can better equip ourselves to manage disagreements and challenges through open, honest, and kind conversation.

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Jun 25, 2024

Heather joins Megan to talk about her practice and how she transitioned from a single practitioner to a brick and mortar practice. She values work-life balance and all the therapists in her team work less than 30 hours a week. We discuss her model and how she maximizes her team's strengths and employs new staff to fill...

Jun 18, 2024

Ane joins Megan to talk about Digital Products. Onlinepethealth has created a selection of Done-For-You digital products for Vetrehabbers. That means products that are relevant to you, that you can simply rebrand, make your own and then sell or share with your clients. 

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Jun 11, 2024

Emre Pienaar joins Megan to chat about her business Interactive Anatomy. She shares her journey on how she came up with this genius idea. Their joint demonstration models are designed to simplify learning and enhance expertise in the field. 

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