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The Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

Emily joins Megan to talk about social media and how to fit it into your daily practice. Emily shares some great tips and advice which will definitely help boost your confidence when doing social media for your business. 

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Aug 22, 2023

Chris Zink joins Ane Lloyd to discuss canine gait training and it's application in rehabilitation. She shares her top tips for evaluating gait, including the use of videos. 

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Aug 15, 2023

Kara Amstutz from Canine Rehabilitation Institute joins Megan to talk about building a great team. Kara talks about creating a team that works well together, how to schedule your team, and what to do if your team has an unhappy member. 

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Aug 8, 2023

Adam from DVM 360 joins Megan to speak about home care for paralysed pets. Adam has personal experience with looking after a paralysed pet, and this led him to write a book to help pet owners give the best possible care for their pets. Adam shares his insights, tips, and gives great advice. 

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Ozone Therapy in Pets with Jonathan Lowe

Aug 1, 2023

Jonathan Joins Megan to speak about Ozone therapy in pets and how beneficial it is for pets. They discuss what conditions can be treated with Ozone therapy and how it differs from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

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