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The Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

Julie Buzby from ToeGrips joins Megan to speak about her journey on how she started her business. Her inspirational story will inspire so many of you to start that idea you have been thinking about for so long. With an amazing idea, great teamwork, and the right support you can go a long way. 


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Jul 19, 2022

Narda Robinson from CuraCore joins ane to discuss cannabis and its use in veterinary medicine.They discuss some of the challenges of research, the different uses for this product in vet medicine, the endocannabinoid system, and much more. Narda also shares a very interesting story of the first factory she visited.


Jul 12, 2022

Arielle Pechette Markley joins Megan to discuss some of the newest articles published in canine Hydrotherapy, and how they impact our practice. She discusses the challenges of research in this field, as well as in canine rehabilitation in general.

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Jul 5, 2022

Amy Kings joins Ane to discuss the prevalence of canine hypermobility in canines.  They discuss what hypermobility looks like, how it connects to mental and emotional 'imbalances' like anxiety, noise sensitivity, fear, as well as how it might affect athletes.

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