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The Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast

Aug 11, 2020

Ansi Van Der Walt from South Africa joins Megan in this behind the Vet Rehab Practice Episode, sharing her journey from human physiotherapy to animal physiotherapy, her love for horses and agility, and some fantastic advice for Vetrehabbers that are just starting out in the field. 

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Aug 5, 2020

Dr Katie Ford, small animal Veterinarian and overcomer of the imposter syndrome, joins us today to speak about this VERY common, and rarely spoken about condition.

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Read about the Dunning-Kruger Effect: 

Jul 29, 2020

Shawn Wilkie, from the Veterinary Innovation Podcast and the creator of Talkatoo, speaks to Megan about incorporating artificial intelligence into your practice and the role it can play. 

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Jul 22, 2020

Dr Kristal Turner from VRSM joins Meg to chat about what life is like as a Mom, a resident, a rehab vet running a new practice, and much more!

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Listen to our interview with Deb and Sherman Canapp: 

Jul 15, 2020

Beckie Mossor, Veterinary nurse and co-host of the Vet Viewfinder podcast, joins Megan to discuss how we should be approaching every client as the individual they are, just as we do with their pets.

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